Protect your family from winter fire risks

With winter now in full force, it is important for Australians to remember the dangers around the home at this time of year. While summer may seem like a key time for fires to occur, it’s winter that proves more deadly. Queensland Fire and Emergency Services revealed that most deaths from fire occur in colder months, with 2,500 fires recorded state-wide over winter.
The Nine Network’s Today sent a call to Australians to be vigilant this winter, and we at Family First echo their sentiments. We have shared insights on how to be safer in winter by not becoming complacent and providing an explanation on carbon monoxide.

The report asked Australians to:

Deadly carbon monoxide a risk

Australians are also asked to be wary of carbon monoxide poisoning, the odourless, tasteless and invisible gas that sadly claimed the lives of a Sydney couple earlier this week.
Carbon monoxide can be detected with the use of a Family First Carbon Monoxide Alarm and can be avoided with regular appliance maintenance by licensed and qualified gas-fitters. Additionally any outdoor heating or cooking appliances (such as your BBQ) should be used outside only, and not brought inside for any reason.

Only working alarms will work

Finally, it is important to have working smoke alarms in your home. Mentioned in the report was a house of three young males who woke to a fire because of the heat it was giving off – not because of a smoke alarm’s warning. Having functional alarms is paramount in gaining extra time to evacuate in the event of a house fire. By utilising the benefits of the 240V Photoelectric Smoke Alarm, an entire interconnecting system can be wired up, allowing for simultaneous warning on all units regardless of where the fire begins.
Family First is dedicated to the safety of all Australians this winter. As a proudly Australian-owned business, we understand the values of protecting your family first.