Carbon Monoxide Alarm


  • Detects carbon monoxide, the silent, poisonous gas.
  • Essential in rooms with gas appliances.
  • Hush button and auto-reset when gas has cleared.
  • Loud 85 decibel horn to ensure alarms are heard.
  • Includes 9V battery and three-year warranty.

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The Family First Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm detects the silent, poisonous CO gas. Features an insect-proof case and comes with a 9V battery and three-year warranty.

The alarm’s ‘test’ and ‘hush’ button gives you confidence it is working through recommended regular testing, and to silence false alarms when needed. Whilst there is no applicable Australian Standard, it does meet international standards EN50291:2001 and UL2034, offering you peace of mind along with a 3-year warranty.

Carbon monoxide can be produced by gas or oil appliances like a furnace, clothes dryer, oven, water heater, or space heater. When appliances and vents work properly, and there is enough fresh air in your home to allow complete combustion, the trace amounts of gas produced are typically not dangerous. However, exposure to CO gas can make you sick and people exposed to enough carbon monoxide can suffer brain damage or even die. The Family First Carbon Monoxide Alarm is a constant watch to help prevent you from the risk of harmful exposure, which is essential considering you can not detect the gas yourself and may misinterpret poisoning symptoms as a cold or hay fever. Read more about the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Additional information

Dimensions 110 × 110 × 20 mm

9-volt replaceable battery



Meets standard

EN50291:2001, UL2034


3 years