Carbon Monoxide Alarm


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The Family First Carbon Monoxide Alarm is your first line of defence from this odourless, colourless and silent killer. Carbon Monoxide (CO) accumulates rapidly in poorly ventilated spaces. Initial symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are flu-like coughing, sneezing or even chest pain, nausea and vomiting. In advanced stages it will cause loss of consciousnesses. In extreme concentrations, death is likely. Carbon Monoxide is a by-product of combustion and is produced in the home by fossil fuel burning appliances like wood and gas heaters, gas stoves and hot water services. It is recommended that such gas appliances be checked regularly by qualified tradespersons for safety. The Family First Carbon Monoxide Alarm meets the stringent EU standard EN50291:2001 and US based UL2034. It comes ready to go with a 9V battery and easy to follow installation instructions, and features both “Hush” and “Test” buttons. Learn more about the dangers of Carbon Monoxide and how to prevent poisoning here
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  • Detects carbon monoxide, the silent, poisonous gas.
  • Essential in rooms with gas appliances.
  • Hush button and auto-reset when gas has cleared.
  • Loud 85 decibel horn to ensure alarms are heard.
  • Includes 9V battery and three-year warranty.