About Family First

Family First is an Australian-owned brand of fire protection products, providing a comprehensive, consumer-friendly range of products including smoke and specialty alarms, fire extinguishers and fire blankets.
Fire safety is a crucial issue for everyone, especially at home, and the team at Family First have dealt with consumer fire safety protection for more than two decades.
All Australian states have legislation requiring the installation of smoke alarms in every home. This helps to reduce home fire fatalities as smoke alarms give you precious extra time to escape from a fire. It is from this extra warning why some studies have found that smoke alarms double and triple your chance of surviving a house fire.
This is why we’re here and what keeps us going.
Through continual international product research and development, we were one of the first advocates of the latest in fire detection technology, photoelectric smoke alarms over the original ionisation type, and the first brand to push for this new technology to become standard in major retail hardware chains.
Furthermore, we offer additional safety products like specialty alarms, fire blankets and fire extinguishers that are also highly recommended to have at home. With these additional fire safety options, you can help limit or lessen the damage to your property in instances of small fires, before they spread and grow into bigger ones.
Family First strives to deliver affordable fire protection products for Australian people so they can look after their family against the unexpected.