Home Safety System

Fire safety is extremely important in every corner of your home. Each area has unique circumstances with certain risks, and whilst smoke detectors are vital throughout your house, we have models that are better in some rooms compared to others.

The Family First Home Safety System makes it easy for you to choose which fire safety products are suitable or recommended in certain locations around your house. Choose an area to see what we recommend.

Have a home fire escape plan

A fire escape plan is an essential safety measure that gives clear instructions to householders about how best to escape from a fire. It should be rehearsed at least 3-4 times per year. It’s always best to aim for less than a 2 minute escape.
Alternating the time of day the rehearsal occurs will prepare you and your family for different conditions. A good fire escape plan includes two of the quickest escape paths from each area of the home.
All escape paths need to be checked regularly to make sure they are always accessible and ready for use.
The safest way to escape a house fire is to crawl out. Poisonous gases and heavy smoke created from burning materials rise to the ceiling. Crawling allows you to get under the polluted air to more easily exit your home.

More home safety advice

Check our frequently asked questions for more help with fire protection products to keep your family and your assets safe at home.