Water Leak Alarm


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The Family First Water Leak Alarm is a 9V-battery-operated alarm that keeps watch for water leaks. When water is detected, it sounds an extra-loud alarm. Simple to use, it comes with a two year warranty. The alarm gives you confidence against the risk of water leaks, which when undetected soon enough can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. Place the Family First Water Leak Alarm near water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, under the sink, in basements or cellars, and anywhere indoors that water leaks may occur – it is designed to be used in dry areas where water should not be. If water starts leaking, you'll hear about it and can fix the problem.
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  • Detects water leaks in usually dry areas of your home.
  • Sounds a loud 85dB alarm if water is detected.
  • 9V battery powered (included).
  • Essential for under washing machines, dishwashers and the sink.
  • Two-year warranty.