Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Twin Pack


  • Two smoke alarms operated by 9V batteries (included).
  • Photoelectric type alarms – superior to ionisation type.
  • Loud 85 decibel horn to ensure they're heard.
  • Test button for regular recommended testing.
  • Suitable for all Australian states and territories – complies with AS3786-2014.

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Important information about this smoke alarm – all states and territories

This smoke alarm is certified to Australian Standard 3786-2014.

The Family First Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Twin Pack are two basic battery-operated smoke detectors, suitable for most areas of the house including bedrooms, living rooms and the garage. This twin pack is a good way to bolster protection at home in additional rooms such as the recommended installation of one in every bedroom.

The two alarms both have ‘test’ buttons for confidence that they are working through regular recommended testing. Tested to Australian Standard AS3786-2014, they offer you peace of mind along with a 10-year warranty.

The photoelectric smoke alarm type is superior technology for better protection compared to the older ionisation type. More sensitive to larger smoke particles, which are typically produced in greater amounts by smouldering fires that can smoulder for hours before bursting into flames, you can be notified sooner of incidents and benefit from less false alarms from cooking.

Additional information

Weight 201 g
Dimensions 110 × 110 × 40 mm
Detection type



9-volt replaceable battery



Meets standard



10 years