Leak alarm helps prevent a big wet threat

Water damage is a costly and destructive risk to Australian homes. When there is a leak, it will occur without warning and potentially for an extended period until you notice.

Significant damage is already done before the leak can be turned off. Shane Wilson discovered this first-hand.

“I turned the dishwasher on before going to bed. I had gone upstairs and on the way to my bedroom from the bathroom I thought I could hear running water.” he explains.

“I came downstairs to find my dishwasher pump had died and water was gushing out onto the kitchen floor. If I had not noticed and gone to sleep, I’d hate to think what it would have been like many hours later when I woke up.”

Water leaks can cause havoc in a variety of ways, from ruining carpet underlay, warping floorboards, structural damage to your home, and even your furniture – anything that makes contact to the floor could be affected.

Family First created the Water Leak Alarm to help prevent such damage. The alarm activates immediately when it comes into contact with water, providing essential protection in your kitchen, bathrooms, basements and the laundry. It is best placed near threats of water leaks such as under sinks, dishwashers and washing machines.  

The Water Leak Alarm can also provide additional protection for bedrooms, living rooms and garages if the risk of water damage is there, such as from fish tanks and indoor hot water units.

The alarm emits an extra-loud alarm – 85dB at three metres – when it comes into direct contact with water. Mr Wilson purchased the alarm and put it under the door of his dishwasher and has been impressed with its vigilance.

“It lets off a small chirp if there is even a couple of drips crossing the alarm’s path.” Mr Wilson said. “Whilst there was no flooding risk, it was reassuring to hear it was working and looking out for me.

“If I’m not made aware of that next large leak, it could cause serious damage.”