Fire Sentry Fire Extinguisher Dry Powder 1.0kg 2A:10B:E

  • Dry powder fire extinguisher with strong 2A:10B:E classification.
  • Nimble 1kg size for smaller fires such as in the kitchen, office and work site.
  • Ready to tackle fires involving paper, wood, cloth, rubber, many plastics, flammable liquids and suitable for electrical fires.
  • Metal wall-mounting bracket included.
  • Five-year warranty.
Product code: FS1021 Suitable areas: , , ,


Fire extinguishers are an important part of your home and workplace fire safety and prevention preparedness, especially in workshops where fire risks are greater. The 1.0kg Fire Sentry Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher keeps you prepared for the unexpected and ready to fight small fires as the happen, before they become something much bigger and cause greater damage. With a strong 2A:10B:E classification, this extinguisher can tackle combustible materials such as wood and paper, cloth, rubber, most plastics and fabrics, flammable liquids like petrol, kerosene and oils, plus electrical equipment such as appliances, electronics and wiring.

Compliant with Australian and New Zealand standard AS/NZ1841.5, this extinguisher’s heavy-duty, all-metal valve means it is built to last, backed with a 5-year warranty. A metal quick-release mounting bracket is included to house the extinguisher on a wall ready for use, and strap so it can be installed safely in vehicles. The pressure gauge at the top of the unit allows you to easily check its health and if it is good for use or requires recharging or replacement.

Additional information

Dimensions 95 × 95 × 335 mm

Dry powder



Meets standard



5 years