Fire Blanket Large 1.5m


  • Good 1.0m x 1.5m size that is perfect for home and caravan kitchens.
  • Ideal also for smothering fires at the BBQ.
  • Durable soft case with quick-release tabs for responding quickly to fires.
  • Easy-to-understand instructions and five-year warranty.

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Product code: FFB1015


The Family First Fire Blanket Large 1.5m is an bigger 1.0m x 1.5m size for safely and quickly smothering fat and grease fires whilst cooking in kitchens at home, in caravans and at the BBQ. Made out of fire-resistant fabric and packed in a durable, soft case with hanging eyelet for storing it in excellent condition and ready for deployment.

It is essential to have a fire blanket in your kitchen, due to the very high risks of fires occurring and that fire blankets are the best tool to put them out by smothering them. Whilst fire blankets are single-use items and must be replaced once used, they are a much cheaper alternative to significant repair bills from caused by house fires if you can’t stop it by quickly putting it out.

Additional information

Dimensions 1000 × 1500 × 10 mm


Meets standard

AS.NZS 3504


5 years