Be ‘SAFE’ to save your life and your home

Tens of thousands of homes across Australia are at risk of catching fire because of faulty, untested, or old electrical appliances such as televisions and electric blankets.

Protect your family. Be SAFE.
Protect your family. Be SAFE.
You may think it will never happen to you, however you do not know when or how a fire could occur in your home, such as from an electrical fault or a simple distraction while cooking.

Statistics reveal that almost half of all home fires are started in the kitchen. The key to reducing the risk of fire occurring in your home and to surviving a house fire is being prepared.

Every home in Australia can reduce the risk, increase the chances of survival, and reduce the amount of fire damage by following the ‘SAFE’ rules: Make sure your home has Smoke Alarms, Fire blankets, and fire Extinguishers.

  1. Install smoke alarms near the kitchen and in bedrooms and hallways. Smoke alarms save lives and warn you when smoke is present, and photoelectric alarms detect smoke earlier at lower temperatures. Look for our smoke alarms with test-and-hush buttons for near the kitchen in case of false alarms, and our model with an escape light in hallways.
  2. Have fire blankets in the kitchen and in the garage. This will allow you to smother a fire.
  3. Place fire extinguishers in the kitchen and in the garage, to put fires out before they get too big.

Don’t wait, do it now!

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