Firies repeat that photoelectric smoke alarms offer the best early warning of house fires

A current Australian federal government senate inquiry into the use of smoke alarms to prevent smoke- and fire-related deaths received a submission from Fire and Rescue New South Wales recommending the installation of photoelectric alarms in all bedrooms, living areas and escape paths. The Fire and Rescue NSW submission also recommended that photoelectric smoke alarms be hard-wired and connected to other alarms.

Fire and Rescue NSW told the inquiry that ionisation smoke alarms are more prone to false alarms from cooking, which prompted many people to disable them by taking and leaving out their batteries, rendering them useless.

The inquiry also heard that their research has “highlighted the inadequacy” of current national construction requirements that a smoke alarm be installed on each habitable level, meaning one alarm can serve a whole single-storey house. This can mean insufficient early warning, especially when a bedroom door was closed.

Furthermore, this issue is made worse by “modern furnishings that can contribute to faster fire development … the quick onset of flashover makes escape almost impossible,” when a whole area ignites.

The inquiry into smoke alarms will deliver its report on 16 March 2016.

All Family First smoke alarms are photoelectric

Family First offers only photoelectric smoke alarms, that comply with Australian Standards and are in line with the recommendations of state fire authorities, including Fire and Rescue NSW.

The Family First 240V smoke alarm, which is installed by a licensed electrician, can be connected to 11 other alarms to offer a comprehensive level of protection.
The Family First range of 9V battery-powered smoke alarms are offered with and without a hush button feature so you can choose the model that best suits the location in which it is to be installed.

Only working smoke alarms can help you

Finally, it is simple fact that only working smoke alarms can save lives, and so they must be tested regularly. Family First have also introduced a free reminder service to help Australians keep on top of this requirement, Test Alarm, and registration is available at
Anyone can register for this service, no matter which brand smoke alarm you use.