Why is fire safety important?


Why should I be concerned about fire safety for my home or business?


Fire safety is a crucial issue for everyone, especially at home. Reports about home fires are on the news all the time, and unfortunately we continue to have significant damage to properties and tragic loss of life when home fires occur.

All Australian states now have legislation regarding the installation of smoke alarms. This is a significant improvement in helping to reduce home fire fatalities as smoke alarms give you precious extra time to escape from a fire. It is from this extra warning why some studies have found that smoke alarms double and triple your chance of surviving a house fire.

There are additional fire safety products like fire blankets and fire extinguishers that are also recommended to have at home. With these additional fire safety options, you can help limit or lessen the damage to your property in instances of small fires, before they spread and grow into bigger ones.

This is why fire safety is so important.