How do I dispose of my fire extinguisher?


I have used my fire extinguisher, or it is 10 years old and has passed its service life. How do I dispose of it?


It is often more affordable for you to buy a new fire extinguisher than have your old one refilled and recertified. Even if you only use your extinguisher for a small amount, it must be fully recharged or replaced so it is ready for when you’ll need it.

As fire extinguishers are highly pressurised cylinders and classified as a hazardous waste item, they must be disposed of properly and safely – not with your household rubbish. Plus as they contain a significant amount of steel, so they can be recycled and turned into something new rather than sent to landfill.

To appropriately dispose of and recycle your fire extinguisher, contact your local council for advice on where to drop them off at disposal facilities, or take them to your local fire station.