Do you check your smoke alarms regularly?

It seems that every week we unfortunately hear that someone has died in a house fire, or that someone has lost their home because of one. The key to reducing the risk of fire occurring in your home and to surviving a house fire is being prepared.

Everyone in your household should understand what risks there are in your home, and what to do to minimise them.

One of the simplest and cheapest ways to protect you and your family is to install at least one smoke alarm. Yet that is just the beginning. We need to be vigilant in testing our smoke alarm to ensure it is always working.

Free alarm testing reminders

Thankfully there is a FREE service to help people remember:

This FREE service will send you a reminder as often as you want to go check your smoke alarm.

Whilst one smoke alarm may be enough to save your life and your home, it is recommended a smoke alarm be placed in almost every room in the home. Most importantly near the kitchen where most fires start, and in bedrooms where smoke may render you unconscious before a fire starts.
If you don’t have a smoke alarm in your home, you can purchase the latest technology in a Family First Photoelectric Smoke Alarm from Bunnings for as little as $21.90.